IN MEMORIAM – Herman Cain’s Political Career 2011 – 2011

This compilation is dedicated to Herman Cain, a.k.a. the Black Walnut…

Rest in peace, scruples…

Herman Cain considers dropping his presidential bid, explaining “I wasn’t counting on dealing with facts…”

Herman Cain doesn’t recall the sexual harassment settlements.
Newt Gingrich can’t remember receiving $1.5 million from Freddie Mac.
Maybe it should be called “a Republican moment”…

Herman Cain stumbles when asked about Libya. “I deny any sexual harassment allegations she has against me!”

Herman Cain stumped on questions about Libya. “Is that near Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan?”

American Mustache Institute withdraws support for Herman Cain.
No really. No joke. This actually happened.

This just in – Herman Cain announces new 11-11-11 plan. In related news, eleventh woman comes forward to accuse him of sexual harassment.

Herman Cain accused by fourth woman of sexual harassment, solidifies Ultra-Conservative base…

Herman Cain denies sexual harassment accusations, saying “obviously when I said ‘two for one’ I was referring to my pizza…”

American Lung Association condemns Herman Cain’s campaign ad; In related news, tobacco industry endorses Herman Cain…
Herman Cain says ”you can wash the gay away”. But can you wash “stupid” away?

The Tea Party is comprised of Evangelical Christians, Ultra-Conservatives, and Herman Cain.

Herman Cain promises free pizza in exchange for ignorance from American people.

Even though Herman Cain was discovered to have connections with billionaire brothers, he will not admit to his Koch addiction.

Herman Cain wins Florida GOP straw poll. “Now if people forget I’m African American, I’m a shoo-in!”

By clavius42

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