Rick Perry declines $10,000 bet by Mitt Romney regarding his book No Apology; “It’s not like I wrote it!”

Moderators George Stephanopoulus and Diane Sawyer constantly respond to attacks on Newt Gingrich by saying “ooh, snap!”

Herman Cain makes surprise appearance with dance number of “U Can’t Touch This”.

Michele Bachmann counters Newt Gingrich’s criticisms of her by replying “oh yeah? Well your hair’s stupid!”

Rick Santorum says marriage infidelity should not disqualify a candidate, then winks at unknown woman in audience.

Ron Paul sells beer and hot dogs walking through audience.

In response to his many infidelities, Gingrich responds by saying that he has asked God for forgiveness, but hasn’t heard back yet.

Newt Gingrich comments on his positive discipline, but then says “I will open a can of whoop ass in future debates…”

Viewers polled say the most effective candidate for the debate was Barack Obama.

By clavius42

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