Florida Family Group Against “American Muslim” and Other Shows Not Featuring Stereotypes

Recently the conservative group, the Florida Family Association, protested the airing of American Muslim, a show about Muslims living in the U.S., and even petitioned one of the show’s sponsors, Lowe’s, to boycott the show. But David Caton, leader of the group, says The Learning Channel show is not the only one in their sights.

“I want to make it perfectly clear that not only are we against portrayals of Muslims as people who do not form jihads and build car bombs, but any show that does not feature the stereotypical behavior of any minority that we choose to not understand.”

Mr. Caton went on to include “Jews that don’t say ‘oy’, Mexicans that don’t drive lowriders, Jamaicans that don’t smoke pot, Irish that aren’t alcoholics, Asians that don’t talk in short choppy sentences, and of course, Blacks who don’t have gangs or rap.”

Popular presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich voiced support for this group recently, but denies any racist feelings. “When I say that the poor should have the opportunity to not become pimps, hookers, or drug dealers, that is no more an anti-African- American statement than suggesting that they shouldn’t be going hungry with all the fried chicken and watermelon that they eat.”

Lowe’s issued a statement soon after boycotting “American Muslim”, stating that “undue pressure was exerted, and us being mainly pussies when it comes to common sense, we caved under pressure. But we vow not to be intimidated in the future unless we are.”


By clavius42

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