I Saw It On Fox News

Obama is a Muslim
Muppets are Communists
Such ideas are hard to refuse
‘Cause I saw it on Fox News

One thing I would swear by
Gretchen and Mike and that other guy
What motive would they have to lie?
After all, they work for Fox News

Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld and Rove
How can people not trust their views?
After all, they saved America and rid us of Saddam
‘Cause I saw it on Fox News

What’s wrong with joining the tea party
And fighting big government today
They’re what’s wrong with America
Hope my Social Security’s on the way

This whole thing about using facts
And doing research – what a pain!
Just say whatever comes to your mind
Truth and lies, they’re all the same.

Oh sure! You say “that’s nonsense!
The truth should not be abused!”
But if in fact you really feel that way
You’re probably not watching Fox News

When they talk about global warming
Or that corporations aren’t people
It’s all just a Liberal ruse
I know what’s right and what’s wrong
‘Cause I saw it on Fox News!

By clavius42

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