North Korea calls Kim Jong Un “supreme leader”, declaring “new era of bad decisions”…

After numerous revelations, Newt Gingrich says “people in Washington will stop at nothing to remind voters who I am, which may be a problem.”

Chinese company plans to buy Yahoo, hires U.S. lobbying firm; new partnership to be called Alibaba and the Forty Thieves…

#Thisjustin #sourcessay #trendingnextbigthing #for2012 #manypeoplestillskeptical

Rihanna gets permanent gold grill for teeth, claiming “trashy” will be the new look for 2012…

Several Twitter accounts have been hacked. In related news, you sux and I rock it baby! XD FTW


Thought for the day…

Is “antipasto” the opposite of “pasto”?

By clavius42

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