Golden Globes Award 2011 GOP Debates As Best New Comedy

Much to everyone’s surprise, the 2012 Golden Globes blew expectations away by awarding the 2011 GOP debates for Best Television Series – Comedy or Musical, beating out top contenders Glee and Modern Family.

Ricky Gervais, usually unfazed by the televised awards presentation, was so baffled that he even lost his accent. In a clear New Jersey dialect, he exclaimed, “that shit blew my ass out of the water!”

“It usually takes years to cultivate a group of sure-fire comedy winners,” remarked Lorne Michaels, producer of Saturday Night Live. “But last year was a comedy cornucopia when it came to the debates. I’ll never forget where I was when I saw them, and I will be contacting them for our upcoming season.”

A representative of the Republican Party said, “we didn’t even expect to get nominated, and this will probably be the only nomination that any of them get, so I guess we should all be very excited for them.” Jon Huntsman was unusually enthusiastic, saying that “this honor was even better than getting third place in New Hampshire!”

In related news, Comedy Central announced that they intend to boost their original programming, but confesses, “we are doing what we can to stay the leading 24 hour comedy network, but Fox News is definitely formidable competition…”

By clavius42

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