Top Ten Complaints About Facebook Timeline

10. Annoying Day One patch for content makes people think users lead an incomplete life

9. New Nag feature gripes out user for not keeping in contact with parents

8. When users discover that it is no longer optional, you hear recording of Mark Zuckerberg saying, “muhahahahahahaha…”

7. Online game use is characterized by following criteria – Recreational, Maybe You Should Take A Break Occasionally, and Good God You Have No Life!

6. It’s in 3-D

5. Convenient for stalkers to monitor every move, but only if you’re stupid enough to post everything you do

4. Refreshing mint flavor, but too many calories

3. Photo Timeline shows how much user has aged/had cosmetic work done

2. Mobile app does not warn people about oncoming traffic when user is checking it

and the Number One Complaint About Facebook Timeline…

1. One more damn thing that will make Facebook slow to a crawl

By clavius42

One comment on “Top Ten Complaints About Facebook Timeline

  1. Forcing Timeline on a person who said “I don’t want it”. To fight back I’m going to every business in the sponsorship section, clicking the “x”, click on “hide all ads —–” Click “Other” and typing in the box “Facebook forced Timeline on me so I’m deleting your ad.”

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