After Oscars performance, GOP wants to hire Cirque du Soleil for next presidential debate…

John Waters wants Justin Bieber to star in his next movie.
Really don’t see him as Divine.

The Oscars – decided by a bunch of old white guys with poor judgment.
Much like Congress.

According to new definitions on Google, the following statement is now accurate…
If you’re romney ‘d, check your pants for santorum.

Thought about opening a gift shop museum.
Free admission, but all of the exhibits will cost you.

The only positive thing I can think of concerning Santorum’s surge?
I haven’t heard anything about Newt Gingrich recently.

To get the best parking spots, I thought about changing my last name to “Reserved”…

Grammy report: Mitt Romney beats out Adele with his rendition of “America the Beautiful”…


By clavius42

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