New iPad 3 Next Big Thing For At Least A Month

The recently released and much anticipated iPad 3 had consumers salivating. “I always want to be the first person to have the latest big thing,” commented Albert Dente. “I can’t wait to fire this baby up and check out all of the new features! It should keep me busy until the next big thing, or when I realize I need to get a life – whichever comes first!”

Apple says that the hype for the new iPad promises to dwarf the iPad 2, and maybe even the original iPad. “We also have high hopes that its popularity will best that of the light bulb and the printing press,” says an Apple representative. “Not to mention sliced bread. Which, by the way, is also an app featured on the iPad 3.”

“We project that people worldwide will embrace it, marvel at its new features, then quickly lose interest within at least a month,” says Al A. Carte, editor of Apple Core magazine. “It’s going to be a grand time for Apple and their customers, until the next big thing is announced.”

Apple also reported that the next iPad in development will be the iPad IV, and project that it will be another ground breaker, in that it will be the first Apple product to use a Roman numeral.

In related news, Motorola will be introducing Car Keys, a new item that consumers can shake and look at for hours…

By clavius42

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