Mitt Romney Says “No Thanks” To Medicare, Reality

After GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney turned 65 earlier this week, he announced that he would not be signing up for Medicare. “I am perfectly happy with my current private insurance, and since I am filthy rich, money doesn’t concern me. But I promise to feign interest in the health care benefits of those less fortunate.”

Romney added that in addition to refusing Medicare, he would now be saying “no thanks” to reality. “It’s true that I have an elitist point of view, and care nothing for lower classes. Also that Rick Santorum is kicking my butt in the primaries. But I have never accepted reality, and I don’t plan on starting now.”

He has publicly endorsed Paul Ryan’s Republican budget plan, which would eliminate the health care program entirely, but is fully prepared to blame it on Obama. “My private insurance will not be touched by this plan, but it will affect Medicare, which I criticize Obama for cutting, which I support Ryan’s plan for eliminating.”

Top GOP nominee Rick Santorum said that he publicly denounces Romney and his “elitist views”, but also identifies with Romney’s refusal of reality…

By clavius42

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