Newt Gingrich, Kim Jong-un Announce Lack of Credibility Campaign

WASHINGTON, PYONGYANG – The recent bounce of a $500 check by the Gingrich campaign to get on the ballot for the Utah primary, and just hours after an embarrassing launch failure of a rocket in North Korea, a surprising alliance has formed.

“When I heard of the rocket launch finishing prematurely, well first I thought of my campaign, and then I decided that North Korea’s new leader Kim Jong Un and I were sympatico,” Newt Gingrich said in a press conference today. He then announced that if Jong Un was agreeable, Gingrich would nominate him as his running mate, because in his words “it would be a nation defining step toward better relations, and a less than silent cry of desperation.”

Kim Jong Un tweeted his interest of the new campaign, but asked, “dude! What’s ‘sympatico’?”

The GOP and certain members of the North Korean military establishment expressed their shock and astonishment for the bold move – now labeled the “Lack of Credibility Campaign” – but agreed that this would solidify relations between the two countries, until such time as either or both would bomb each other.

In not so whatever related news, artist makes George Zimmerman mug shot out of Skittles; candy only hope of defense for alleged shooter…

By clavius42

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