Gingrich: “If It Wasn’t For Reality, I Would Win This Race”

Even after Republican front-runner Mitt Romney’s decisive victory in Delaware yesterday, Newt Gingrich is still going forward with his campaign, despite numerous criticisms.

“To drop out now would be an admission of defeat,” Gingrich commented today. “Reality has always been my biggest opposition, and the likely reason if I didn’t win this presidential campaign. But it’s never stopped me in the past, and I’m not about to let it get the upper hand now.”

Many political insiders believe that Gingrich might still have a fighting chance “if Mitt Romney drops out of the race, pigs learn how to fly, or Law and Order runs out of franchises.”

When asked if he would endorse Romney if his campaign failed, Gingrich simply replied, “if he doesn’t have a moon base in his plan, I’m not interested.”

In related news, Romney supporters are offering a cash reward nationwide for anyone who volunteers to become his running mate…

By clavius42

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