A PLEA FROM ME (Lose the Dick Jokes)

Hit it!

Mr. Stewart and Colbert I am a huge fan of your shows
They’re honest about what goes on in the world, that I suppose 

And your jokes are laugh out loud funny, how I love and often quote them
Except the ones about sex and your fascination with the scrotum


Lose the dick jokes
You guys are smarter than that

Lose the dick jokes
There’s nothing more infantile than that

If you keep on mentioning jokes about erections
I fear that your shows will go in the wrong directions

I know you both have played comedy clubs and concert halls
So you must know it takes balls to not resort to jokes about balls

When it comes to what goes in the show, I know you are the deciders
But maybe now it’s time to think about hiring new writers


Lose the dick jokes
While you’re at it poop’s not on the money 

Lose the dick jokes 
That shit’s just not that funny!

By clavius42

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