Cheney and Bush on Anniversary of Bin Laden’s Death – “You’re Welcome”

In separate interviews marking the anniversary of President Barack Obama ordering the successful termination of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, both Dick Cheney and George W. Bush offered their acknowledgments to the American people on what they considered “a job well done.”

“Let’s face it,” said Bush, “if we hadn’t of started the Iraq war, Obama couldn’t have killed Osama, so I think he should be thanking us.”

“The only change of heart I have had is my recent transplant. I feel that given the circumstances, we did all we could that we wanted to,” explained Cheney. “I don’t think America could have asked for anything better. And even if they did, we would not have actually listened to them.”

Fox News produced a two hour congratulatory special recently deifying the former president and vice president. Eric Bolling, a commentator on the popular unbiased news network, offered this – “I think Obama owes a debt of gratitude to Bush and Cheney for exposing the threat of bin Laden by bombing innocent civilians. I also think that Obama was behind 9/11, the Great Depression, and the Holocaust.”

Jay Carney, Obama’s White House secretary, said that “the President does not at this time wish to comment on Bush and Cheney’s involvement in bin Laden’s death, to the fact they really didn’t have any…”

In related news, Mitt Romney says that he would have disposed of Osama bin Laden last year, had he been President of the United States in his own mind…

By clavius42

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