The UnOfficial UnGuide to Plusisms and other terms related to Google+

Plusisms – words that imply something to do with Google+. Also a common medical disorder as in “if you don’t eat better, there’s a good chance you’ll have a plusism…”

Circle Me! – like Friend Me on Facebook or Follow Me on Twitter, but less creepy. Think of it as a group hug.

Circles – categories for organizing your social network. See: Levels of Hell, Dante

Comment – respond to a post with your own thoughts to show people how clever you are, or dispute their claims that you are not as clever as you are.

Comments – a list of responses to a post added by various Plussers. Also, a contest conducted by posters to see who can fill up your entire stream with 60 or more comments.

Disable comments – prevent Plussers from adding comments to a post. Use this if you’re not a big fan of contests.

Extended Circles – the circles of people who are in your circles. Basically like a huge gathering of several family reunions. Feel free to crash them all.

Games button – Google’s latest deterrent for conversations and other social interactions.

Games in Google+ – The Devil. See above.

Google+ – Google Plus, Google’s social networking project. Duh.

Hangout – an online gathering via video conferencing technology. Usually plagued by assorted bugs preventing from people actually interacting with each other.

Hangouts on Air – special video conferencing gathering that people can broadcast live for the five people who are interested in watching it on YouTube. note: Not to be confused with Hangouts on Ice

Notifications – updates you receive on other Plussers activity. Also known as surveillance. Also see: stalking

Photos button – displays a gallery of photos from people in your circles, most of which are annoying “LOLcat” images.

Plus, +1 – recommend other people’s comments or posts to someone, or just to kill time.

Plusser(s) – people, companies (which are also people apparently), etc. sharing things on Google+ i.e. other poor schmucks like you.

Profile – information about you that other people can see. Like a work resume, in that you should make up lots of stuff about yourself.

Share – repost an item originally posted by someone else i.e. love that LOL cat image! Think I’ll spread the hate!

Spam – a canned precooked meat product. See: Ewww

Stream – a stream with items shared by all of your circles. Also near impossible to keep up with most of the time.

Tag – tagging embarrassing photos of your friends for all to see. Also, a good way to lose the aforementioned friends.

Thumbnail image – a small preview version of a photo.

Thumbnail video – a small preview version of a video.

Thumbnail – The nail on your thumb that you can take images of or film a video of.

Trending – An online disease which has spread from Twitter to Google Plus. Avoid at all costs #youhavebeenwarned

Troll – a supernatural being in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore. Also, a real asshole on the Internet.

Webcam – an Internet-enabled camera connected to a computer. Perfect for showing people what you really look like. Not recommended, unless of course you’re actually wearing clothes while posting.

White space – special feature of the new Google Plus design.

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