A Commentary

They’re good-hearted, hard-working individuals who raise families, provide for them, and teach them ideals that will help their children become the best they will be.

They fight for our country and preserve the freedoms that we hold dear.

They’re America’s homosexuals.

You may know them, even work with them every day, and not even know.
But ask yourself – why does it matter?

Do homosexuals wish to ostracize heterosexuals? Do they bully them in school, send death threats, or even torture and kill them?

If marriage is indeed about two people joining together to live the rest of their lives in love, does it matter what sexual preference they have?

Through history, people have been tortured, raped, hanged and shot simply because they had different religious beliefs or skin colors. They may have been good people, but in the eyes of many, that did not matter. If their perceptions of the Bible said that these groups were unholy, they felt that it was their responsibility to rid the world of their kind.

What these people still haven’t figured out is if they feel that the Bible’s words are sound and infallible, then women should not have any rights or privileges of men.

So what does it boil down to? Simple. A group of people hating another group of people, and for no other reason than they are a different group of people.

Maybe people should start judging people of different sexual preferences and skin colors not on what they are, but what they do.

Perhaps someday we will all live up to the civil in civilization.

By clavius42

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