Donald Trump Endorses Romney – “He Would Make A Great Vice President”

NEW YORK – After much speculation in the political media, former presidential candidate and host of Celebrity Apprentice Donald Trump has accepted nominee Mitt Romney’s possible proposal for Trump to become his running mate.

“When he makes the announcement, I will be more than happy to serve as President of the United States to his position as my Vice President. We have the same traits, as in we are both wealthy, can’t stand the poor, and enjoy firing people.”

Mitt Romney’s advisors, after hearing of Trump’s plan, wished to clarify that “Romney is still running for President, and has not made any formal announcement regarding Trump.” “Trump is, in the words of Conservative columnist George Will, a ‘bloviating ignoramus’, and he is also a ‘birther’,” said one of Romney’s top advisors. “But as you know, Romney being Romney, he will probably change his mind next week.”

When asked for a rebuttal, Donald Trump’s special advisors recommended that Romney reconsider, in that “if Romney does indeed ask Mr. Trump to be his running mate, his ego simply would not stand for just being Vice President.”

“His hairpiece would also have a considerable problem with it,” added the advisor.

By clavius42

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