Wisconsin Joins Arizona and North Carolina To Form “Axis of Stupid”

After Governor Scott Walker’s landslide victory in Wisconsin, the GOP has issued a press statement saying that “the plan is finally complete”.  They are referring to the triple threat to common sense known now as the three states which form the “Axis of Stupid”, which is comprised of Arizona, North Carolina, and most recently, Wisconsin.

“Immigration, homosexuals, and now education,” said House Speaker John Boehner today.  “We are telling Americans to make way for a new generation of morons, and moronic behavior.  History will show nothing, because it will no longer be learned.”

The Tea Party and Fox News have also joined forces to organize a new campaign calling for the “backwardization” of the nation.

The word, coined by Sarah Palin, refers to the reverent desire, in one organizer’s words, to “go back to old fashioned values, when men were men, women were not important, and anyone who disagreed with us were shot.  It’s not that we are prejudiced against African Americans, gays, and foreigners.  It’s just that we feel we are right to be.”

In related news, Canadians are expressing deep concerns regarding overcrowding by Americans wishing to emigrate in the next year…

By clavius42

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