Fox News and CNN Neck in Neck for Misinforming Viewers

After yesterday’s ruling by the Supreme Court upholding President Obama’s  Affordable Healthcare Act, viewers of Fox News and CNN are still skeptical.

“First they said that it was ruled unconstitutional, then they reported that it was upheld instead – I will wait until they give me a definitive answer,” said one viewer of Fox News, “because if I wanted to decide for myself, I would be watching another 24 hour news network.”

In a recent poll, CNN almost tied with Fox News in the number of idiots who say they get their news from either network.

Regarding the ruling, Mitt Romney wished to clarify that while he created the basis of the act, as President he would work to repeal it, because, in his words, “it’s unconstitutional until I change my mind.  In which case, I am fully prepared to take credit for it.”

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said this about John Roberts – “my colleague and I clearly don’t see eye to eye, which begs the question – is John Roberts a spy for the Liberals?  I’m sure that Glenn Beck also has my concern.”

In related news, Rick Perry says that he will figure out his concerns with The Affordable Care Act as early as 2014…

By clavius42

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