Charlie Sheen quits Twitter, but like everything he says he quits, he’ll start using it again…

Romney says he “won’t apologize for being a successful businessman, or anything else, but I am willing to take credit for it…”

Rick Santorum says VP candidate must be pro-life, anti-reality…

According to the biography of Steve Jobs, he didn’t like to bathe. Which explains all the teleconferences…

Dear Daniel Tosh… Jokes about rape aren’t funny. No, you’re not funny either.

Nothing makes me click on another trailer quicker than seeing “Kevin James” over the title…


My suggestions as to what to put in the SuperCollider next?

Mitt Romney.   The Kardashians.  Gretchen, Steve and Brian.  Ashton Kutcher.  Rush Limbaugh.

Don’t tell me they won’t all fit.  Okay, Rush may be a problem…

By clavius42

One comment on “THIS JUST IN!

  1. Tell you one thing. I never eat or drink anything while reading The Newsosphere. It’s just too funny and I might make a mess! Just keep it up and I’ll get thinner!

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