Top Ten Highlights of Olympics Opening Ceremony

10.  “Tribute to Crumpets”

9.  Army of Mary Poppins attacking inflatable Mitt Romney *

8.  Rowan Atkinson single-handedly stealing entire show

7.  Doctor Who appears, takes everyone back in time in TARDIS to rewrite opening ceremony show

6.  People actually believing that the Queen jumped from helicopter

5.  Surprise performance by The Black-eyed Peas

4.  Authentic sulphur smell creating massive vomiting in audience

3.  Kenneth Branagh getting paid to walk around

2.  Paul McCartney’s audio pulled due to curfew

and the Number One Highlight of the Olympics Opening Ceremony

1.  The giant baby head turns out to be Danny Boyle’s

* That was Voldemort?  Yeah right

By clavius42

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