Fareed Zakaria caught plagiarizing from The New Yorker; in related news, Fox News caught plagiarizing from Saturday Night Live

Romney VP pick Paul Ryan wins GOP “Howdy-Doody Look-Alike” contest…

One thing Ayn Rand and critics of follower Paul Ryan can agree on? There is no God…

New Romney/Ryan slogan: Because respect for your elders doesn’t mean you have to take care of them.


exclusive tweets via Mars Rover Curiosity!

@MarsRoverCuriosity Bored. And fed up. Get your own damn data, NASA. I’m gonna catch up on “Mad Men”…

@MarsRoverCuriosity Just made contact w/ alien life, they told me to keep it to myself #nointelligentlifeonearth

@MarsRoverCuriosity Air is really thick, orange in color. Reminds me of L.A.


By clavius42

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