GOP Uproar Over Biden’s “Insensitive Nazi Socialist Comments”

Vice President Joe Biden’s recent remark that Republican policies would put middle-income Americans “back in chains” has ignited a firestorm in the GOP camp, many calling for an apology from the Obama administration.

“This cheap rhetoric, not to mention unbridled vitriol, directed toward us is just the sort of thing you would expect from insensitive Nazi Socialist Liberals,” said GOP nominee Mitt Romney today.  “I say, Obama and your cronies, go back to Kenya – I’m sorry, Chicago –  and let us get America back to where it was before you bastards took over.”

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said that “this kind of divisive language is a wake-up call to America, and should convince the Godless heathen who don’t support our goals to reconsider their positions.”

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine also recently accused Obama of staging the nation’s recent mass shootings, including the one in Aurora, as part of an effort to pass strict gun laws.  “Me and Ted Nugent see eye to eye on this – and I dare anyone with common sense to dispute it.  I also dare anyone with common sense to endure listening to mine or Ted’s music…”

Fox News reports that Biden’s comments will be just the thing to sway people.  Sean Hannity said that “it is our thinking that with Biden’s inflammatory remarks and Paul Ryan as Romney’s pick for vice president, we can’t lose.  And if you can’t trust what I say on Fox News, who can you trust?”

In related news, Ann Coulter announced plans to write a forthcoming book titled 0 to Bitch in Ten Seconds: My Troubled Following

By clavius42

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