Voter Fraud Caused by Illegal Immigrants, Poor, Aliens from Outer Space, Says Turzai

PENNSYLVANIA – Republican legislator Mike Turzai commented today that possible voter fraud could be caused by actions made by people with no photo IDs, which may include illegal immigrants, the poor, and a group he added today, “aliens from outer space”.

“I want to stress that I am not referring to ‘Illegal aliens’, but in fact, actual aliens from outer space.  Reliable sources have told me that extra-terrestrial beings have been doctoring votes as early as 2008.  Also, Obama is in collusion with these aliens.  Also, Papa John’s pizza does not taste like cardboard smeared with ketchup.”

The ten or so documented cases of actual voter fraud influenced a Pennsylvania judge’s decision to uphold the controversial voter ID law, even after it was discovered that there had not been any actual cases in Pennsylvania.  It has now been revealed that the Pennsylvania judge was the first person to enact Turzai’s controversial “Just Go Along With It” legislation.

“It is important legislation that, along with the voter ID law, will ensure Romney’s victory in November.  Aliens from outer space will no longer have a voice in the United States, except for that high, squeaky one they all seem to have.”

The White House issued a press statement today that no one in the Obama administration has any association with aliens, but that, judging from the recent behavior of the GOP, clear evidence suggests some of them “definitely are from another planet”…

By clavius42

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