Texas Judge and Rick Perry Team Up for “Share the Delusion” Campaign


LUBBOCK – This week Tom Head, a county judge in Lubbock, Texas, said that if Barack Obama is re-elected, “there’s a possibility of civil war”.

“There will be civil unrest, civil disobedience, civil war maybe. Worst of all, people will continue to be given the ability to use common sense, and in some cases, make up their own minds.”

After hearing of Head’s statement on a local news show, Governor Rick Perry called him and suggested that an alliance be created.  “I believe this good man has the best interests of the nation, if not Texas, in mind.  Together, we will rebuild our state.  First, we will weed out the blue from the red.  Texas is a red state through and through – at least that is what I want to believe when we secede from the rest of the United States.  Oh yeah, I haven’t forgotten, folks.”

The new campaign, dubbed “Share the Delusion”, will act as a “splinter faction” of the Tea Party, in Perry’s words, “carrying on the tradition of credibility that the Conservative movement created.

“If we can get enough people involved, I believe that not only Texans will adopt our way of thinking, but delusional people nationwide.  A ridiculous idea is by definition still an idea, with just the word ‘ridiculous’ before it.  I also believe that there is still time for me to enter the presidential race.  With this campaign, this will not just be my delusion.”

Head later wished to clarify that his comments were taken out of context.  Oddly enough, “taken out of context” is being proposed as the slogan for the new campaign, as well as the Romney/Ryan campaign…

By clavius42

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