Wednesday RNC Highlights

Republicans play tribute video to Ron Paul – “he demonstrated some logic and common sense, and for that, he will be forgotten…”

Jan Brewer accidentally endorses Obama at convention – “just like anything I say that may be credible, that won’t happen again…”

John McCain: If you can’t vote for me, settle for Mitt Romney!

Condoleezza Rice calls for “compassionate” immigration policy at RNC; GOP members scramble to find out what “compassionate” means.

Not a shock: Paul Ryan lies in his RNC speech!

Quite a shock: Fox News calls him on it!

Tim Pawlenty calls Obama “tattoo president”-“He’s like that thing you get stuck with, but can’t get rid of. Sorry, I misspoke. That’s me.”

Romney will give his acceptance speech Thursday – advisors say “it could go either way, unless of course he opens his mouth…”

By clavius42

One comment on “Wednesday RNC Highlights

  1. On the one hand, these just keep getting better and better. On the other hand, you really-o know what to do with this great material! On the other other hand, you have such great material to work with!

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