Romney Launches “Rally Against Truth” at Site of DNC

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – As preparations begin for the Democratic National Convention this week, GOP nominee Mitt Romney and VP pick Paul Ryan are holding a rally today at the very site that the convention will take place.

The “Rally Against Truth” will begin this afternoon, and continue through the entirety of Labor Day, or as Romney calls the holiday, “Undeserved Appreciation for People Who Work For You” Day…

“This is a stand for what is right for America,” said Romney.  “Our convention was a solid week of fallacies and downright lies.  The American people deserve nothing less.  I just want the good people of North Carolina to  make a stand against facts that will inevitably be discussed this week.”

Paul Ryan weighed in with his thoughts on the DNC.  “Who are you going to believe?  A Democratic president who answers questions and offers solid evidence, or a man who refuses to show his tax returns or job record?  This Olympic medalist is going with Romney!”

Today’s rally will feature such guest speakers as Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, and Michele Bachmann.  RNC Chairman Reince Priebus says that after the speech made by Clint Eastwood last week, “they couldn’t do the GOP any more damage at this point.”

By clavius42

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