David Gregory Loses It in Interview with Mitt Romney

In an exclusive interview with GOP nominee Mitt Romney on Meet The Press, moderator David Gregory finally lost his composure, in a profanity-riddled attack mostly edited out of the broadcast.

After Romney admitted that he would be using a good portion of “Obamacare” in spite of his criticisms of the health care act, Gregory responded with, “would you for the love of ** tell me what the ** your ***** plan is for America???  Just explain one ***** thing you will do in detail!”

After issuing an apology to Romney, Gregory said that he just couldn’t take it anymore.  “Romney has been asked countless questions, and not once has he answered any of them in what we journalists call ‘answers’.”

The uncensored interview went viral yesterday, becoming the most popular video on YouTube, effectively dethroning the Clint Eastwood convention speech that proved more popular than Romney’s actual speech.  Supporters of Eastwood said his words “arguably made more sense, when you think about it.”

Romney’s campaign said that the nominee will reconsider any future appearances on Meet the Press, and there is talk that VP pick Paul Ryan has been removed as a future guest.  Gregory said that he was fine with the decision.  “An interview with Ryan probably would have ended with me slapping the condescending look off his Howdy-Doody face.”

In related news, many anti-Obama supporters continue to voice their concerns in various social networks, still unable to grasp that unless they’re rich, and not African-American, poor, or Hispanic, Romney couldn’t give a shit…

By clavius42

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