Leaked Photos of New iPhone 5 Show Streamlined Features, Retro Design

Apple recently announced the upcoming iPhone 5, the next in the popular series of smartphones.  Insiders say that the design will be streamlined, but also retro in appearance.

“It’s a ‘back to basics’ thing,” said one Apple designer.  “I think people will really appreciate the new features, such as improved durability by utilizing various brightly colored plastics.  Especially for the wheels, because it will be the first literal mobile phone.  And you can pull a cord to make the iPhone 5 move where you wish.”

The new iPhone 5 will feature an updated Siri device, and replace the playful female voice with a “cutesy squeaky” one.  It will also be the first one to encourage users to sing along with classic tunes such as “Merry Go Round Broke Down” and “I’m a Little Teapot”.

The source of the leaks has yet been unconfirmed, though it is being wildly speculated that an android might be involved.

Look for the new iPhone 5 soon exclusively through Apple stores and Toys ‘R’ Us…

By clavius42

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