Fox News Caught in Backwards Time Vortex

It has been recently discovered that the Fox News Network has been inexplicably thrust into a time vortex, sources say.

“This can be the only explanation for their insistence that Mitt Romney’s fundraiser speech took place back in May of this year, but Obama’s comments in 1998 were much more disturbing,” said a media expert.

A representative for Fox News defended their stances, saying that “1998 was practically yesterday, yet May feels like it was fifteen years ago!”

Many in the media have expressed their concerns regarding Fox News frequently, but now that the reason has been found, many fears have been laid to rest.  “That explains a good portion of their backwards thinking,” said NBC anchor Brian Williams.

In an unprecedented show of support, CNN and MSNBC are offering their services to “aid an obviously debilitated 24 hour news network in need of our help”.

“The childishness exhibited by the on-air talent also suggests that their mental ages have been somewhat reversed,” said a medical expert.  “It’s a phenomenon that we have also encountered in the Republican Party.”

In related news, rumors that Fox News was an elaborate prank by Lorne Michaels have been quelled, but some say evidence might suggest otherwise…

By clavius42

One comment on “Fox News Caught in Backwards Time Vortex

  1. As an Obama supporter, my main consolation is that people who watch only Fox News are lost causes anyway and believe anything that Fox News says. The word I have problem with is “News”.

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