Emmys Insiders Predict Win for Republican National Convention as “Best Comedy Miniseries”

HOLLYWOOD – Among many shows and movies destined for the coveted Emmy award tonight, none have been more anticipated than what insiders call “a definite lock” for the recent Republican National Convention, for “Best Comedy in Miniseries Form”.

“The talent exhibited by many of the guests at the convention was pure  gold,” said Lorne Michaels, producer of Saturday Night Live.  “Usually it takes years to cultivate a group of sure-fire winners, but it was a comedy cornucopia when it came to that convention!”

Standout hilarity highlights sure to garner attention tonight will include Clint Eastwood’s “empty chair discussion”, Jan Brewer accidentally endorsing Obama, and pretty much anything Paul Ryan said.

“I will admit that the weak spot was definitely the speech by Mitt Romney – he didn’t have the timing or delivery that Ryan had, quite frankly,” one Hollywood insider said.  “But knowing the campaign like we do, they’ll probably just cut most of that out – they sure do like to edit things!”

In related news, Comedy Central confessed that “we are doing what we can to stay the leading 24 hour comedy network, but Fox News is definitely formidable competition…”

By clavius42

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