Replacement Ref Blames His iPhone 5: “I Was On Field, But My Brain Was Lost”


After the Seattle/Green Bay game debacle Sunday night, the referee who made the wrong call on Green Bay’s obvious interception blamed his error on Apple’s new iPhone 5.

“Clearly, I was physically on the sidelines during the game,” said the ref, “but according to the Maps app, my brain was somewhere in Melbourne, Australia.  I claim no responsibility for my decision – clearly Apple is the culprit.”

An Apple spokesman was planning to hold a press conference this morning, but so far he has not been heard from, save for a photo supposedly taken on his phone of a member of the Canadian border patrol.

The NFL has been dealing with a lot of heat for their decision to replace professional referees with replacements, some whom had never officiated an actual professional game.  “Does the ‘Girls Gone Wild Jell-O Event’ count?” one ref asked when considered.

Green Bay fans were enraged at the decision made Sunday night, and rumor has it plans are being made to “burn members of the association in effigy”.  The group who would be responsible later clarified that “it’s not the phrase – we want to take them to Effigy, Wisconsin…”

Author note: I would like to say that I am very proud that nowhere in this article did I mention Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, the GOP, or the Tea Party.


By clavius42

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