Romney Denies Denial in Recent Comments

The GOP has been scrambling to explain the recent debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama, after Romney clearly denied pretty much everything he had said previously.  And after the Public Broadcasting debacle, Romney has said that he denies that he will cut funding.

“Don’t get me wrong, the debate was a clear victory for our party,” said Paul Ryan, “but now I’m on the campaign trail and I have no idea what I should be saying, and more to the point, lying about!”

Fact checkers say that Romney was “indeed more animated than Obama, but still played fast and loose with the facts, in that he didn’t present many”.

In a rally in Florida, Romney said that he was happy with the new jobs report, says that his now infamous “47 percent speech” was a bad idea, and also claims that Obamacare could actually work.  In fact, Romney was reported to have denied anything he said in the debate, including his $5 trillion tax cut.

“Folks, it’s not hard to understand,” Romney said to the crowd.  “Do you want a President who will stick to facts, or do you want someone who will tell you exactly what you want them to tell you?  Oh, and by the way, I still love Big Bird!”

Romney later denied his comments.

In other news, experts say loose seats on American Airlines planes due to “coking”; ironically, conclusion made after experts did “coking” of their own…

By clavius42

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