Romney Vote Considered “Slam Dunk” for People Not Concerned About Facts

A recent Gallup poll shows that after the presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Romney, there was a clear victory for Romney hailed by voters who didn’t care about facts.  Many went as far as to call it a “slam dunk” for the campaign.

“When he stood up there, and stared Obama right in the face, and lit into him?  Who cares about what he was saying?  I didn’t!  I didn’t even have the volume up during the entire show!” said one person polled.

One Romney advisor agreed. “On a sheer body language scale, Romney was ripping it up!   Oh sure, some people have remarked that Obama seemed cold and inattentive because he was overwhelmed by the bullshit Romney was spewing.  That may be true, but as recent polls show, a lot of people are warming more to his bullshit than Obama’s!”

There was also a private poll recently conducted by the GOP regarding the presidential debate, showing overwhelmingly positive numbers for Romney by people aged 20-50 who can’t spell or use correct grammar.

The pressure is now on Paul Ryan, with his upcoming vice presidential debate with Joe Biden.  Political experts agree that the debate will be a political battle of wills, and could be a potential game-changer for the ten people who will be watching it.

In related news, Mitt Romney is working hard to show a softer side to voters by debuting a new ad campaign called “Middle Income America and Why I Should Care About You”…

By clavius42

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