Big Bird Wages War on Romney Campaign

SESAME STREET – Today the lovable yellow bird known as Big Bird held a press conference, saying that Mitt Romney’s comments at the recent debate were “inflammatory”, and “a bad thing”.

“I believe I speak for everyone here when I say that PBS and what we try to do for children must be protected to ensure that future generations will learn acceptance and proper language skills, unlike the Republican Party.  We have our own Grover here on Sesame Street, and he supports us unconditionally.  Maybe there’s something to be learned from that.”

Big Bird and other residents of the popular street have started their own campaign against Romney, called One of These Candidates is Not Like the Other One.  Many people say that this campaign will be far more successful than last year’s ill-fated Occupy Sesame Street by the Tea Party.

Elmo said today that he supports all of his friends, and “really wished that kids could vote, too”.

By clavius42

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