Undaunted by Reality, Todd Akin Continues String of Good Ideas


MISSOURI – Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.), the Senate candidate that drew criticism in August after his “legitimate rape” claim, also said recently that he believes it’s fair for employers to pay women less than men.

“It’s what I call my Good Ideas for America,” said Akin.  “How can people not vote for me when I have a veritable wellspring of knowledge waiting to be tapped?  It’s about freedom – mine and my followers’ freedom from reality.”

Akin has endured scathing criticism for his inflammatory comments, but a source close to him says that Akin is not easily swayed from his beliefs.  “Show him hard evidence that women’s bodies don’t have resources to protect them from rape, and why women should be paid the same as men, and he’ll show you why his ideology should be based on the Middle Ages…”

“In a better time, my opposition, Claire McCaskill, wouldn’t have the right to run against me.  If I make it to the Senate, it is my plan to bring back ‘witch hunts’.  Or virgin sacrifices.  I’m still deciding.”

Akin has stayed in the Senate race with support from a number of  politicians, but said they are also willing to select a cardboard cut-out just to make sure anything fills the Republican seat, even though, as one person said, “both Akin and the cut-out seem to have the same substance”.

By clavius42

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