Preparing for Vice Presidential Debate, Fact Checkers Gear Up for Long Night

DANVILLE, KY – Fact checkers for all major networks are preparing for what could possibly be a very long night, because of tonight’s debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan.

After Ryan’s lie-riddled speech at the recent Republican National Convention, many people are skeptical.  “As soon as Ryan opens his mouth, we could be inundated with inaccuracies, half-truths, and downright lies,” said Bradley Milton, a fact checker for CNN.  “It’s going to be ninety minutes of material for us to check, and we are predicting about seventy minutes of it will be disproven.”

Concerns have also begun about what can be done to pull in Joe Biden’s reins during the debate.  “We were entertaining the idea of hooking up Joe to an electric jolt machine,” said one Democratic representative, “but given his track record, he might be fried to a crisp at the end of the night.”

Fox News said that are willing and able to accurately analyze both sides of the debate, in that “we have a carefully selected team for Biden”.

In other news, Jack Welch still stands by his accusation of Democrats “cooking” economic numbers, because such statements are totally within his rights of being an old fart…

By clavius42

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