Highlights from the Third Presidential Debate

“When you say ‘Muslim brother President’ why are you looking at me, Governor?”

“In my defense, Russia and Iraq have some of the same letters…”

Oh my God! I just realized McCain and Romney have the same smile!

“My response is what the President just said, but I plan to deny it tomorrow…”

Romney blames the current unrest in the world on female reproductive rights.

Romney has a “Stepford moment”…

“Ten years before I came into office, education was great. You’re welcome, Massachusetts…”

“Look at my resume, dammit! I know what it takes! Four years! The Olympics! Bzzzzzt!” *smoke rising from stage*

New Romney campaign slogan – “Look at My Website!”

“Bob, let me respond to what the Governor just said — utter bullshit…”

Romney calls Obama on not mentioning “bad guys” in statement made after Benghazi attack.

“I like cars, because I am a son of Detroit!” Somebody pinch me.

“I love teachers! If I was for education, I would support them!”

“I’m Bob Schieffer, thank you for joining us. I’m gonna go get shitfaced. Good night!”

By clavius42

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