Windows 8 Debuts – Microsoft Boasts Complete Overhaul to What’s Incompatible

Today Microsoft officially launched its latest OS, receiving enthusiastic responses from tech bloggers as well as the national press.

“If Windows 7 was a stepping stone, then Windows 8 is the slightly higher stepping stone next to Windows 7 which is a stepping stone also which together would make stairs,” said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Many criticized Windows 7 for having numerous incompatibility issues with various software, but Ballmer assures them that their fears have been put to rest with Windows 8.  “We have done a complete overhaul to deliver a completely new, sleekly designed operating system which features incompatibility issues for a lot more types of hardware and software!  Sure, it won’t run a lot more programs, but it will look spectacular not doing it!”

New features for Windows 8 include touch screen capability, a new interface,  support for tablets, “snap multi-tasking”, and a “much more vibrant Blue Screen of Death”.

Ballmer added that, in the twenty-five mandatory updates required after installation of Windows 8, the “Blue Screen of Death” will be updated to a more user-friendly mauve color.

Expect Windows 8 to take the digital world by storm once people will be able to actually run it successfully sometime in January…

By clavius42

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