Donald Trump Offers $5 Million to Anyone Still Willing to Listen to Him

After recently offering $5 million to Obama in exchange for the President to  disclose his college transcripts and application, Donald Trump is now extending the offer to anyone who would still be willing to listen to him.

“If anyone out there is still able to take me seriously, I will give that person $5 million for them to use for the charity of their choosing, or whatever they please.”

Not surprisingly, no one has come forward to take Trump up on the offer.  Also, the White House has declined the original offer.  “The President would like to assure the American people that he has not taken the offer, and will not acknowledge any further offers.  He then added, ‘duh'”, said Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary.

Trump says he will not be easily dissuaded.  “I know there’s someone out there who believes in me as strongly as I do in myself.  But I am also willing to offer myself the money, just in case.  I am also prepared to accept my more than generous offer.”

Friends of Trump have said that they are looking into possible “alternate housing” options for the billionaire.  “We have been informed that the new Glenn Beck Wing at Bellevue is now taking patients,” said one friend.

In other news, a recent poll showed that after recent comments made by the GOP regarding abortion and rape, 95% of American citizens are amazed that any of the members are still married…

By clavius42

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