Romney Wins Coveted “Bullshit Artist of the Year” Award

If Mitt Romney fails to win next week’s election, he can still say that last night’s ceremony of the prestigious Bullshit Awards was won by his campaign in an unprecedented landslide.

Among the awards given to Romney and his campaign were the Daily Whopper Award, the Big Cajones Special Mention, the lauded Pants on Fire Lifetime Achievement Award and the most coveted award, Bullshit Artist of the Year.

Previous winners include various televangelists, radio personalities, network executives, and of course, Fox News.

“What an exciting night for the governor,” said one attendee.  “To receive such accolades for a truly impressive string of bullshit – to give 100% of his energy to informing people of outright, blatant lies.  No wonder he also won the Big Cajones award!  And he doesn’t rest!  Shortly after the ceremony, he left to continue his campaign, ready to spew bullshit in a number of major battleground states!”

The GOP admitted that their feelings were conflicted about their candidate, some saying that while they were proud of his achievement, they did not feel Romney was entirely inaccurate in his claims.  “Of course, that could just be our bullshit talking,” said Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

When asked about how he felt the evening went, Governor Romney answered –

Psych!  Like he really answered a question!

In related news, the disaster relief for Hurricane Sandy continues, and has now been joined by a similar GOP relief effort for Chris Christie…

By clavius42

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