Romney Campaign Cited as Biggest Casualty of Sandy, According to GOP

During the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which devastated the East Coast last week, the GOP immediately took to blaming the storm for Romney’s drop in popularity.

“The irreparable damage and tragic loss of life caused by Sandy was the reason that the Romney campaign suffered irreparable damage and loss of the lead in polls,” said one campaign advisor.  “All of the momentum gained was swept away, and gave way to Obama doing what was right for the states affected.  Gone were the fake photo ops and declarations of the non-existence of climate change planned for the last days before the election.  Sure, people suffered, but no one suffered more than Mitt Romney.”

Photos of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie with President Obama flooded the national media and the Internet, showing a decidedly bipartisan response to the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy, and today Mitt Romney demanded an apology from Christie.  “You’re either for me or you’re for Obama – don’t you watch Fox News???”

Members of the GOP are calling for a “do-over” for the last two weeks, in hopes of erasing the actions of Obama handling the Hurricane Sandy destruction, as well as the destruction of the storm itself.  “We are encouraging the American people to pretend that the storm never actually happened, and with effort, we are certain that it will turn the tables for the campaign.”

By clavius42

One comment on “Romney Campaign Cited as Biggest Casualty of Sandy, According to GOP

  1. Once again you have summarized the situation EXACTLY and BRILLIANTLY. Wish there were a lot, we mean a LOT, more like you!

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