Texas to Secede from Republican Party

Recently, Hardin County Republican Treasurer Peter Morrison, and high ranking Texas Republican, suggested that Texas should secede from the rest of the United States in response to Obama’s victory.

“We all know why he was elected -,” said Morrison, ” – and I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not racist in any sense – but if it wasn’t for certain members of the slant-eyed, colored, wetback population, Obama would have lost!”

As a result of the remarks made by Morrison, and Governor Rick Perry’s long-term pledge, citizens of Texas are now calling for the secession of Texas from the Republican Party.

“We want our children educated, our women treated fairly, and a state-wide ban on bullshit, and this looks like a good place to start,” said one native Texan.

There are already plans to hold rallies calling for support of the radical decision, and bumper stickers being created, sporting such slogans as “Taking Back the Common Sense South” and “Better Read Than Red”.

Members of the Texas Republican Party have expressed their shock at the movement.  “When people said that they hated me, and wanted me to leave the state, I thought it was one of those jokes people have played on me during my time as Governor where people pretended to hate me and wanted me to leave the state,” said Rick Perry.  “But I guess they mean business this time.”

“If we have learned one thing from the election,” added Morrison, “then we have failed as a party.”

By clavius42

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