The Pundit Song

I’m an expert just ask me
‘Cause I’m talking on T.V.
And they keep having me on despite

Any actual credentials I possess
As I pundit I know best
And here’s my opinion every morning, noon and night…

I’m all right
I’m never wrong
It’s not an opinion
That’s the point to this Pundit Song

If I don’t have the facts
You know that never stopped me
From telling people what was what and how

See my name and “expert” below
My image of one who claims he knows
And is not afraid of telling people now…

I’m all right
I sing this song
My word is gospel
I’m a pundit and I’m never wrong

I’m a doctor or an analyst or some other person – I’ve got a degree
It’s not a real one but it doesn’t matter ’cause it’s all for punditry
It’s your fault if you ask me a question it’s not your show
When I open my mouth you can bet that your viewers will know…

I’m all right
And you’re all wrong
I may never shut up once I start
But this is the end of the Pundit Song!

By clavius42

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