Members of GOP Reject Norquist Pledge, Grow Balls

In an effort to avert the upcoming “fiscal cliff”, many members of the GOP say they are willing to abandon their pledge to lobbyist Grover Norquist which demands that they oppose any and all tax increases.

Members include Tennessee senator Bob Corker, Peter King, and even Lindsey Graham.  “It’s not like we signed a deal with the Devil,” said King today.  “Actually, that was an entirely different pledge.”

Now that some Republicans are willing to listen to proposals that include tax increases, many are suggesting that the party may have finally grown some balls.

“They’re taking chances, listening to concerns, and considering bi-partisan support,” said one political commentator.  “But if Mitt Romney becomes a supporter, I would have to call ‘bullshit’.”

Norquist said today that he is not discouraged by the rejection.  “When you sign something in blood, it’s eternally binding.  And yes, they actually signed the pledge in blood.”  Norquist added that he “also has dolls with the likenesses of everyone who signed the statement, and a whole lot of pins”.

Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan, recovering from his failed vice-presidential campaign, says that he is calling for his fellow Republicans to resist tax increases and demand steep cuts in entitlement spending.  “It’s not a bid for attention like many critics imply,” said Ryan.  “Unless of course, it is.”

By clavius42

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