As some of you may know, I was offline for a couple of days due to some tech problems.  But while I spent time away from the digital world, some things occurred to me.  Here’s some food for thought…

Don’t get me wrong.  I love technology.  I love the fact that you can e-mail a person and instantly they will get a message from you.  I love that cell phones are no longer as large as a brick with an antenna.  And of course, I love that a massive amount of free porn can be discovered just by googling it.

But it occurred to me during my brief leave from the Internet, that if there is ever a cyber terrorist attack, or even a really huge EMP storm –

We are all f**ked.

And here’s why.

We have become so dependent on technology, that we take everything  we do online for granted.  You want to send a message to someone?  E-mail them!  Did you get a new outfit?  Take a photo and send it on Instagram!  Need to find a good hotel?  Google it!  Or better yet – do a search on your GPS!

Are you getting the picture?

Here’s something that might give you a cold sweat – if there’s a sudden and permanent lack of electricity which affects the entire planet, you will never talk to or see anyone overseas again.

Yep!  Everything uses electricity!  And thanks to technology, electricity is now using us!

So when you think of all of your friends whom you only know through social networks, or relish in posting every damn thing you do in text or image form –

Do not take it for granted.
Because that’s usually when it’s taken from you.

By clavius42

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