Republican Party Will Hold Breath Until Obama Meets Demands


House Speaker John Boehner said today that he and his colleagues are prepared to hold their breaths, “until their faces turn blue, if necessary”, until President Obama meets their fiscal demands.

“We are willing to let the old, homeless, and anyone else not wealthy suffer, in favor of preventing anyone who is wealthy from paying more taxes.  And we will not give up until the President gives in.  Don’t misunderstand – we love our country.  At least, that’s what we tell ourselves on a daily basis.”

John McCain weighed in, asking, “what’s wrong with doing everything again that put us into this fiscal disaster in the first place?  It’s a question of change, which the GOP has been against for years.”

Many Democrats say they are willing to do nothing until the January deadline.  “Maybe those dumbasses will finally come to their senses,” said Vice President Joe Biden.

The GOP has also vowed that if Obama does not meet their demands even after all members hold their breaths until their faces turn blue, they are also prepared to have a collective “hissy fit” and give the President “the silent treatment”.

In not at all related news, The Hobbit director Peter Jackson is planning a trilogy of three hour movies based on the children’s book Goodnight Moon

By clavius42

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