Burger King Twitter feed hacked; followers can no longer have it their own way…

Big furor over the death of a main character in Downton Abbey. Haven’t seen this type of reaction since the musical episode of Breaking Bad.

Sarah Palin says she was “first one to see Russian meteor from her house”…

Nudes check out nudes at Austrian museum. “Sir, I can tell by your reaction that you like that painting…”

Horsemeat discovered in burgers overseas, despite claims from “neighsayers”…

Herman Cain joins Fox News in effort to lend credibility to network…

Personal note:

I was in a spelling bee once. My word was “gospel”, so I told the judges that I won the bee. They said, “well, we can’t argue with that…”

Oscar Pistorius is definitely telling the truth. Robbers lock themselves in bathrooms all the time…

By clavius42

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