GOP To Be Awarded Special “Best Ensemble” at Oscars


In an unprecedented move by the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (DUMASS), the GOP will be receiving a special award at tonight’s Oscars for Best Ensemble.

“Last year, and even into this year, they actually had a lot of people convinced that they cared about them, as well as our country.  That is quite an achievement, and should be recognized,” said Hawk Koch, president of the academy.

Special mentions will go to GOP nominees, members of Congress, and especially the pick for presidential nominee, Mitt Romney.

“When they decided to pick Mitt even though many didn’t support him and openly criticized him – well, that’s the kind of comedy that stands the test of time,” said one Oscar expert.

“Though I somewhat agree with the awarding of these people,” said film critic Roger Ebert, “I do have to cite the many moments last year when they all seemed to be reading the same script, even using the same phrases ad nauseam.  If they actually worked to find their own characters, and say what they really wanted instead of what the party told them to say, it would have been a straight win.  But of course, in order to find character, you first need to have it.”

In related news, Dick Cheney says that Zero Dark Thirty is now his all-time favorite movie, “especially the first hour”…

By clavius42

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