Dennis Rodman: “I Could Be President”


In an interview on E!, former basketball player and spokesman for body piercing Dennis Rodman said that he learned a lot on his trip to North Korea.

“I could be President, dawg.  Nuthin’ to it.  Me and Kim Jong Un really clicked,” he said.  “That dude is way more cool than what I heard – I didn’t see no poverty or starving people anytime during that exclusive celebrity exhibition basketball game.”

There was one thing that disappointed Rodman, though.  “I couldn’t find that Psy guy anywhere.  It was like he was in another Korea or something,” said Rodman.

Recent Secretary of State John Kerry, asked for his response to Rodman’s trip, said that “the guy should know better than anyone that playing a game you know nothing about is a bad move”, and that “Rodman’s ‘slam dunk’  was more like what Congress is doing – ‘dribbling endlessly’.”

“Kim said all Obama has to do is pick up the phone,” said Rodman. “And if I was President, I would do it.  Kim would pick up the phone first, but that would involve grabbing a few of the citizens to do it for him in lieu of their supper.  So you can see the dilemma.”

He added, “And that whole nuclear test thing in Pyongyang?  He was just over compensatin’. He’s a short dude.”

By clavius42

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